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Uwe Binczyk

Uwe Binczyk
Tel.: +49 (0) 23 51 / 95 59-36

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Binsta Stanzteile

Binsta Stanzteile
Binsta Stanzteile Binsta Stanzteile Binsta Stanzteile Binsta Stanzteile
Binsta Stanzteile
Manufacturing / Production

Following drawings, samples or individual specifications we produce for you punching or forming parts made of metal or plastic, including the complete further treatment and additional treatment up to confectioning in given lot sizes. This is how builders' hardware, furniture fittings, hinges of all kinds, hinge panels, water meter shackles, draining lattices, vehicle and machine components, store belts, profile rings and much more is created. Produced individually according to customers` requirements. Used in almost all areas of industry.

We produce among other things with the following machines and plants:

  • eccentric presses and automatic punches (50 up to 2000 kN)
  • hydraulic presses (160 bis 3150 kN)
  • always with CNC feed

We undertake the following further treatments:

  • thread cutting
  • spot welding
  • bending
  • riveting
  • pressing
  • unlatching
  • mounting
  • etc.

We offer the following additional treatments:

  • polishing
  • hardening
  • annealing
  • electro-plating treatments
  • powder coatings
  • etc.

We process the following materials:

strip up to 600 mm width and 8 mm gauge of any quality, e.g.

  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • spring material
  • aluminium